Taking Your Child To The Doctor – The Easy Way

Children seem to have an instinctive fear of the doctor. Whether it’s leftover memories from when they were younger and received shots, or whether they simply learn to associate a doctor with pain, children absolutely hates to see one. Parents resort to all sorts of trickery to get them to a hospital and it is still a nightmare. Here are some tips for when you need to get them there:

Logic Works

For children who are 6 and above, logic may work if put to them properly. They love being treated as adults, so call them in for a ‘meeting’ and explain that they need to be adults and get themselves checked by a doctor. Show them reports that you’ve had recently and gently explain that the ability to ensure pain and let the doc do their thing is a very grown-up way to handle things. Granted this may not work if the child is running a high fever or having a bad cold. But if you want to see the trusted dental care service fairly regularly, then this is a good tactic.

Co- Sufferer

They will still make a fuss, but children are more fortified when they realize they do not have to go it alone. This works especially with the younger ones where they can watch mummy or daddy being treated and they realize it’s not all brimstone and fire. Take them to the St Albans dental clinic with you when you have an appointment and they don’t. Don’t make them wait long hours though; time your arrival and appointment. Then, when they have one, they will be familiar with the doctor and the surroundings. If they are still nervous, schedule a check-up for yourself before their appointment. Then they will see you lying there calmly and will be less or not afraid.

A Little Corruption…

… never hurt anyone. If the above don’t work, bribe them with something. Buy them a toy that will distract them during the treatment or promise to take them somewhere afterwards. Most parents do in fact, reward their children for being “good” after they have seen the doctor, but explicitly stating it will make most children behave, although their fear can sometimes get the better of them. There are some children who will wait for the bribe on purpose and refuse to cooperate until they are promised something in advance, so be aware of their little tricks too.

In order to make sure your kid has a smooth experience at the doctors, try to talk to them face to face. They might also respond to your example, so show them that a doctor is nothing to be afraid of. If none of these work, go ahead and bribe them silly.