Feet Needs

Friends! Our body is a machine (strange but true) how can a body be a machine literally No, functionally Yes! Problem is we never thank our Lord for what we already have and keep striving for more and more (which leads us to thankless attitude towards what we have, and craziness for what we don’t have). Coming back to what we were discussing earlier, like every normal machine for example: a cellphone it’s a gadget which tells us when charging is required, no signals cannot perform the job for which it is designed, likewise our body has some prominent indicators (which tells us what and where we are doing wrong to ourselves).

Some common indicators are face, eyes, body language which clearly reflects the level of performance which can be expected from a body at that point of time. Similarly, our feet also tell us a lot about our body especially toe nails simple example is: yellow nails means eat more vegetables your body is running low on good vitamins. As per the study of Ms. Elizabeth Kurtz DPM a podiatrist in Chicago and a spokesperson for the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) says that if one neglects the feet it can easily lead to unnecessary pain and other feet problems.

Luckily it’s quite easy to treat the feet and maintain them, while staying active and sporty at the same time:

Clean and dry: our body has some tremendous and some weired functions like: we need shower (our body is wet and need cleanliness) but at the same time our body reacts negatively if remain wet for a longer span of time. So likewise, our feet need to be cleaned up washed but dry afterwards, wet feet catches germs (now that wet condition could be due to sweat or water doesn’t matter). Point is fungus loves moisture and wait for it desperately in order to survive and progress there, so make sure to dry feet especially between toes and foot fingers.

Examine: never leave the feet unattended, like don’t just neglect the shape color of feet nails, scaly or extra dry skin or rotten ankles etc. all these are red flags and requires the attention. Take shower daily if not daily atleast in alternate days if that is also not possible (one lives in forest, just joking) atleast clean your feet with a wet towel (soaked in warm water). And later on apply normal body lotion on it to prevent dryness and bad odor.

Cut toe nails: never and when we say never means never forget to cut the toe nails periodically (don’t ever leave them un attended and let them grow the way they want), it is dangerous anyways as it can shove inside the foot skin and can create several issues which cannot be listed in a short span or time. So cut and file the feet nails in order to keep the feet smiling.