9 Pre Date Grooming Tips For Men

Before going on that big date, you’ll want to make sure you look your best. Whether it’s a blind date or dinner with your new partner, it’s always a good idea to have a pre date grooming ritual to go from ordinary bloke to handsome jetsetter. Here are 9 great ideas to add to your grooming routine:

  1. Have a shower before you get dressed. It not only removes all the dirt and sweat built up during the day with dentist clinic at Prahran, Toorak, it also makes you feel refreshed and ready to go. Don’t just put on deodorant and think that’ll do the trick.
  1. Use a teeth whitening product to give your teeth an extra boost of brightness. For coffee lovers, this is a great tip to decolourise your teeth. Generally, you keep the whitening solution on for a while. Why not get dressed while it does its thing? Get in contact with dentists open saturday http://www.carefamilydental.com.au/contact-us/.
  2. Applying deodorant after a shower is a much better practice. Whether you use a spray, powder, roll on or solid stick, anti-perspirant deodorant gives you confidence that you will still smell good if sweat is a result of being nervous.
  1. Have a shave or trim your facial hair. All people have different preferences when it comes to facial hair. The trend nowadays is that if you can grow it then it’s good to have a little designer stubble.
  1. Apply aftershave. You don’t need to overdo it. Humans have a great sense of smell so just a couple of dabs will do.
  1. Remove the whitening product and brush your teeth before you put your clothes on. This way you won’t get any toothpaste on your clothes, which is ridiculously hard to get out without putting them in the washing machine and can be mistaken for something else if it drips onto your suit pants. Use mouthwash for that extra minty fresh breath.
  1. Fix your hair before you get dressed if you are wearing a shirt to the date. If wearing a sweater or t-shirt then fix it after you get ready. In general, it’s best to keep your hair neat and tidy; you’re going on a date after all. Save the messy bed hair for bedtime.
  1. Iron your clothes and get dressed. Crinkled clothes make a statement that you don’t care enough about your evening. If you think you’ll run out of time before the date then go ahead and iron your clothes the night before. A quick tip is to hang your clothes in the bathroom so that when you shower, the steam from the water will get rid of the creases and make your clothes look great.
  1. Check your pockets and wallet to make sure you’ve got enough cash to pay for dinner and possible drinks afterwards as well as taxi fare home. There’s nothing more embarrassing than letting a new date pay for dinner.