Know Thy Partner Well

In the 21st century, we like to think that we have evolved beyond marrying within our class, caste, race or religion. It might not be imperative that our future husband/wife comes from a well-connected family or from a very rich one. But there are still several other things that we should check for before we get married to the man or woman of our dreams:

Family Health

We know now that even diseases like high cholesterol levels and diabetes can be inherited. If both sides of the family have a tendency to be obese and have high blood pressure, it’s very likely that you and your spouse will develop it too. Then there are other, more frightening legacies like thalassemia or Down syndrome. These can also be inherited and you can check for them by conducting efficient parentage testing HK price is not too high to pay for foreknowledge about the kind of genetic lottery a future child of yours may receive. By knowing early on, you can safeguard against them by making conscious lifestyle choices that will improve your health.

Money Matters

Apart from safet21 test HK, another thing you should definitely look out for is money. This doesn’t make you a gold digger; it is more about how reliable your intended spouse is. Not everyone is an accountant, but by the time an individual hits their mid-20s they should be able to manage their finances responsibly. If you met your significant other through the internet or through distant friends, it might be a good idea to run a credit check to ensure that there are no hidden loans or mortgages that you might end up paying for after the wedding.

Personal Past

Never ever rush into a marriage without knowing the details of all the significant past relationships of your SO. They may be reluctant to reveal certain things, and while that is understandable, the fact that they do not trust themselves or you enough to reveal the truth should raise a red flag. If there is complete trust between you two, there should be no reason to hide anything. Past relationships can reveal a lot about the person you care for, such as their level of maturity, how self-aware they are, their ability to control their anger etc. It can also reveal past traumas and abusive or manipulative behaviour that might affect you in the future.

Therefore, always ask questions before you tie that final knot. In an arranged marriage, you have every right to dig up dirt as – by definition – you are marrying into a stranger family. Even if the marriage is predicated on a love affair, make sure you know who you are marrying by performing a thorough background check in the absence of honesty and openness.