Oral Care And Health For Teenagers



Teenagers face a number of problems these days. There are so many things that worry them especially during their transition from a child to an adult. Pimples on the face, putting on, losing hair, teeth yellowing, Braces, moles and so many other issues. these are however, just a few new things that creates a huge different in their life. Apart from the hormonal changes that causes these changes, there are also other external factors that influences these changes of the teenagers.

External factors

Teens differ from one to another. Their pattern of thinking and behaving might not be the same. Whereas, some might be very matured for their age. Another might be yet, in the process of learning. This is why parents need to be more vigilant about their kids. especially those of between the age to Thirteen to Eighteen. They might get addicted to bad health habits such as smoking and consuming alcohol, chewing tobacco and drinking more soft drinks. These might lead to teenagers ending up with various oral diseases.

Teeth yellowing is a common oral problem that can be seen between teens. The reason for this is the improper maintenance of the teeth. Teenagers specially need to brush their teeth twice a day and also after every heavy meal. An appointment with his or her dental surgeon is a must. A dentist in Orewa generally recommend a teeth cleaning least once in a month. This is to prevent the patient developing any cavities in the future. Cavities can be painful, and the failure to treat a cavity on time would result in you losing your teeth forever.

Some teenagers genetically have extra tooth which grows out of their upper jaw behind their permanent teeth. these teeth grow without a pattern hindering the natural teeth of a person and they occupy extra space. These are called as supernumerary and in the past there was no cure for this. People were even with various believes that these teeth bring luck. Moreover, this supernumerary tooth causes delayed eruption and also cause malalignment of the dentition. However, at present you can get rid of these extra teeth by getting the advice of an orthodontist. They are specialists in those adjustments. And one appointment with them will change your life. You can visit this page https://www.hibiscuscoastdental.co.nz/treatments/orthodontics/ to get help and advice from an orthodontist.

Another issue teenagers face is overweight or obesity. The fact that they put on during the transition of being an adult effects their mental wellbeing as much as it affects their physical appearance. However, we have to overcome all these problems and develop a working grasp to maintain a healthy life style.